I was born and raised in a city about 10 times the size of Calgary. I've been in Canada for less than 3 years. I barely know who Cheryl Hickey is.

So I went to her cosmetic line website and found this quote:

Cheryl Hickey is a beloved Canadian Screen nominated television icon with small town values.

I was taken aback. The only small town people I know are my in-laws who are extremely racist and dream of a Canada without immigrants, refugees and aborigines. So I really don't know what "small town values" mean, especially as compared to big city values (Am I mean because I come from a huge city?). Or why is that important for a line of cosmetic creams.

Anyway, I bought the 24 Hour Face Cream as I needed to add more stuff to a Shopping Channel order to avoid shipping charges and I decided to give it a try since I'm making a huge effort to go cruelty free and this line claims to be such. Also it is Canada made and I like to support local industries.
24 Hour Face Cream - Ours by Cheryl Hickey

The claims for this "Safe - Healthy - Honest" cream are Silicone Free (it is), Cruelty Free (I have to take their word for it), Natural Fragrance (ok... it's pretty much fragrance free regarding over all aroma), Paraben Free (it is, but parabens are not the enemy) and Phatalates Free (it is).

However, for a natural cream, it has an awful lot of alcohols, more than the required to make an emulsion. And all the marketed ingredients are very low in the ingredients list (shea butter is higher, after the alcohols, but it doesn't claim to be a "shea butter cream").

That said, it is a lovely cream. My skin does stay hydrated the whole day and night, as I'm using it as a night cream as well. It is smooth, almost no fragrance, and you don't need a lot to cover the whole face and neck. Granted, this Winter has been super mild compared to regular Winters so I wonder how it would perform in real bad weather.

What I don't like is the pump. As the formula is pretty thick, it took forever to make the pump work and even now, the quantity I get makes me have to pump several times in order to get the amount I need for my face. It seems the hole in the pump is too small for the thickness of this lotion.

24 Hour Face Cream - Ours by Chery Hickey
Pump size

All in all, I'm very happy with this cream and I would totally repurchase it, hoping the pump works better next time.