Finally I have empties to show. I wonder how some bloggers and YouTubers have so many in a month. Do they shower and wash their hair 2-3 times a day? Is that how they use up so much stuff?

Anyway, here are some empties that I’ve been collecting in the last few months and mini reviews on them.

  • Yves Rocher Purbleuet Gentle Makeup Remover Sensitive Eyes

Back when I was using waterproof mascara, I had to stop using this product as it would not remove
said mascara no matter how much I rubbed. That was odd considering it did remove the Avon waterproof mascaras that I used to wear.

However, when I started using Lights, Camera, Lashes, which isn’t waterproof, I went back to using this eye makeup remover.

I do like it as it is so gentle on my eyes, so I was happy to be able to use it and finish it. It does remove some waterproof mascaras but it does an awful job when I’m wearing heavy eye makeup or Urban Decay's Perversion mascara.

Would I repurchase? No, because now they sell a bi-phase eye makeup remover and since I prefer waterproof mascaras, I’d rather buy an all purpose product. Regardless, I’m transitioning to cruelty free cosmetics and skin care. Yves Rocher doesn’t test in animals… except in China where it is required by law. I don’t care about China or their laws, I do care about the animals. Therefore after I finish the products I have in stock, Yves Rocher is out.

  • Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

At first I wasn’t very keen on trying this product, mainly because it isn’t waterproof and I get a ton of
transfer around my eyes due to my skin type and the temperature differences I experience in Calgary.

I road tested this mascara during Calgary’s “fall”, meaning rain, snow on my face, heating and overall cosmetic melting situations.

I loved it!! It was a huge hit. It didn’t transfer, it didn’t smudge (unless in extreme conditions), it lengthened my lashes making them fuller too and I could take it out in a breeze with no residue left behind.

As I said, there was a bit of smudging some days but for the most part it worked fantastic.

Would I repurchase? This was a sample but no, I wouldn’t purchase it. I change my mascaras every 3 months and the high end ones, like Tarte’s, are too expensive to discard after 3 months. I’d love it as a gift, tho. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to cheaper mascaras of which I have a huge stash that I’ll be using up.

  • Bath & Body Works Plum Moscato & Almond Harvest Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion

In our year-round dry weather, I should be going through body creams like there is no tomorrow, but sometimes I get too lazy, or I’m too tired, or too much in a rush after a shower so I end up applying lotion every other day or so.

This cream was ok, smelled ok, moisturized ok. Nothing mind blowing. It didn’t work better or worse than any other regular body lotion.

Would I repurchase? No, because I have a huge stash of body lotions and creams that I need to use up. Plus, I imagine this scent was seasonal and not part of the regular line. And it wasn't my favorite scent either.

  • Skinn’s Sulfate Free Cleanser – AM

I loved this product! It didn’t dry my face in the morning and my skin felt moist and flexible. Plus it has quite a strong tea tree scent that makes me feel clean and gives me the impression (most likely invented by my brain) that my pores were sterilized of all grease.

I am intrigued about Skinn’s claim that their first ingredient is NOT water, and it’s true that it isn’t. I’ve been checking other brands and sure enough, the first ingredient for anything is “water”.

All in all, I liked how my skin felt in the mornings and it's true that the skin feels nice and clean. A tiny goes a long way so it lasted about 6 months.

Would I repurchase? Yes! Provided this and it’s PM companion are on sale or are part of a promotion because it’s very expensive. I do have more of it in my stash.

  • Skinn’s Olive & Enzyme Cleanser Rich Balm Makeup Remover & Deep Cleansing Mask – PM

Not so long ago (and way after I purchased it) I read this review about this cleanser saying that it is
absurdly expensive for what it is plus the “orange oil” claim was nonsense. It could be true. I presume they know more than me.

The product worked very well AFTER removing my makeup with a regular remover. I really don’t use any cleanser to remove my makeup as none of them really seem to work well and remove all traces of makeup even when using a brush. I like to wash my face after removing the makeup to make sure it’s really gone.

I did test it as a remover/cleanser the way it was suggested in the review (meaning using a cloth to remove the product) and it did work. However, in that case I need to agree that it is an absurdly expensive makeup remover, because I still need to wash my face. My mother taught me to use the cheapest remover and then wash my face, tone and moisturize with better products. That formula has been working for over 25 years now and my skin looks really good for my age.

Used as a regular cleanser, and like the AM version, a little goes a long way, I liked it a lot as my skin was left supple and ready for my moisturizer. I also tried it several times as a deep cleanser mask in the shower but the results were unnoticeable. The whole container also lasted about 6 months but I had to cut it open as the product is a thick lotion and wouldn’t come out of it after what you see in the photo. The remainder stored well in a separate container.

Would I repurchase? As with the AM version, yes! However the same conditions should apply as it’s otherwise very expensive and there might be cheaper alternatives.

  • L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Dry Hand Cream

This one used to be my holy grail hand cream… until I moved to Calgary. I drink lots of water so I go to the bathroom a lot, and specially at work, I can’t choose my hand soap. So my hands are very dry. I still do the sugar scrub, but this cream is not living up to the claims anymore (on me) and I’m back on a quest for a good non-greasy hand cream.

I keep this cream at home so it took forever to finish. It has a nice light scent that goes well with both men and women so it’s husband approved, but it doesn’t improve his dry hands at all. And mine don’t feel that good either.

Would I repurchase? No, because it’s not working for me anymore. The Fleur Cherie scent from the travel size collection seemed to work better than the original formula and they’re supposed to be the same… unless of course they aren't (the same formula).

Besides, even if they are cruelty free in the west, they sell in China therefore doing mandatory animal testing. I’m sad but I will not continue buying L’Occitane products.

  • Officinalis Carrier Lotion

This is a product I got years and years ago. You are supposed to mix this lotion with a couple drops of essential oils for a nice massage. My husband is not keen on giving or receiving massages with a cream so I never used it much. I was cleaning up the other day and found it had changed color (used to be white, now it was yellow) so I figured it had to go.

Would I repurchase? No, we are not into using oils on each other. Wish we were. But we’re not. Plus, there are local alternatives and honestly I don’t have a clue if this brand is cruelty free.

  • Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde Laotian Violet Rice Silky Shower Cream

I love the scent of violets but it seems to be out of fashion as I have a very hard time finding products with it.

The texture of this shower cream was actually creamy, very foamy when applied to a sponge and the scent was really nice albeit not entirely “violet”. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the product. The good is it didn’t dry my skin and did it’s job of getting rid of my filth and stench. After all, that’s why we shower, isn’t it?

Would I repurchase? Like I said earlier, I have a huge Yves Rocher stash and when that’s done I’m moving away from the brand so the answer is no.

I have a couple more empties but I’ll leave that for later as otherwise this post would be too long and boring.

Hope you enjoyed this trip through my trash can and that my mini reviews are useful at the time to make a purchase decision.