In the world of mascaras, there is way too much out there. Since finishing my stock of foreign made Avon mascaras, I had to find replacements. This is proving more difficult than I thought.

Be A Bombshell Mascara by 

I got this one in one of my Ipsy bags. I was excited to try it out, after all, I needed a mascara!

Unfortunately, by the time I got it it was quite dry, or I least I hope it got dry and not that the formula is dry by itself. It didn't add volume, it didn't lengthen, it didn't make my lashes nicer. In a word, it was just a waste of time. I don't even remember if it was waterproof. I do remember it smeared. I was sorry to have to toss it after a few days.

Big Look with Argan Oil Waterproof by Pür 

Oh my. After the Be A Bombshell fiasco, I was so impatient to try this one out. The formula was ok, except... it smeared like crazy, even being waterproof, especially in the snow. My lashes were ok, but nothing to go running to get this mascara. It was also impossible to remove at the end of the day.

As a disclaimer, I had a couple problems while I was testing it

  1. I was using an eye cream that made mascaras melt. When I eliminated teh eye cream, the mascara performed better, but not well enough
  2. I also had a problem with my eye make up remover, that didn't even start to remove this mascara. Once I got an oil based eye make up remover, it was still a freaking pain in the butt to remove it.
All in all, I wouldn't spend money on it. Glad that, again, I received this in my Ipsy bag and didn't spend big bucks on it.