After reaching 40, and even before that, we do get picky about our skincare routine. That's why I was so glad I gave Elizabeth Grant creams a try.

I got the Supreme Cell Vitality kit from the Shopping Channel a while ago, and hoped to use it in the deep of Winter when my skin would be really dry. My plan was to use other creams that I brought from Croatia also to test them since last year I ended up with the most awful skin ever and tons of wrinkles thanks to the disgusting nice Calgary weather.

This collection was composed of:

  • Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Face Cream (100ml) 
  • Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Eye Balm (20ml) 
  • Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Face Oil (45ml) 
  • Suprême Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask (100ml) 
  • Suprême Cell Vitality Line Relaxer (15ml) 
  • Suprême Cell Vitality Neck Crème (50ml) 

and I got it as a Showstopper for CDN 70

First I used the Supreme Cell Vitality Line Relaxer. Holy smokes this works! The 11 between my eyes was noticeable relaxed. It didn't work that well in my nose lines but I have been very pleased with it.

It has a light texture, totally non greasy, it absorbs quickly and works well under makeup.

Then I added the Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Eye Balm. Again, a very nice texture and very moisturizing even in the worst of Winter. However, and this is a big however, it leaves a sort of greasy film that on the naked skin works perfect. It works also well under make up BUT it made my waterproof mascara melt, smudging it and giving me racoon eyes the whole time.

That was a huge disappointment as the cream works really good. I thought it was the mascara so I switched waterproof mascaras like crazy but it turned out to be the cream melting it with the help of Winter heating.

About the Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Face Cream and Cell Vitality Neck Crème, they moisturized my skin beautifully in the worst of Winter. Even in the mornings my skin didn't feel tight but normal, not as dry as the previous Winter. At night I always added the Suprême Cell Vitality Flawless Face Oil, every day and not once a week as the instructions said.

I must say that you have to use only the most minimum amount of both creams and oils from this particular line so the whole set lasted about 4 months and I still have a lot of the Oil since I used only 2 drops a night. The creams absorb very fast and work excellent under make up. They have no SPF so make sure you apply some sun block too.

All in all I must I was very happy with the line and I credit it with saving my skin this past Winter.

I did not use the Suprême Cell Vitality Rejuvenating Mask too much. I didn't perceive any difference in moisture levels so I keep using it as a regular mask once a week.

Would I repurchase this line? Absolutely! And I totally recommend it for women with dry skin. I wish I could also test it in not so harsh regular Calgary weather.

You can get this line in Canada at The Shopping Channel and worldwide through the Elizabeth Grant website.