My feet are mega dry year round. I tried every cream under the sun (including creams for diabetics like Gold Bond that DIDN'T WORK) and nothing helps.

Shaving the dry skin in my heels and daily use of Micro Pedi is so far the only combination that actually works on my feet. I don't like the kind of service pedicures give here in Calgary, I can do that myself at home for free. I need a heavy duty service, not just pampering.

However, I get lazy to use the Micro pedi every day. Some times I don't feel like it and since I shower at night, by the time I remember I should use it my skin is moist and we know that their best results are with dry skin.

So I jumped on the bandwagon of the feet exfoliators. I saw wonderful reviews for the Baby Foot peel but since it's not readily available in Canada, I ordered what seemed to be a similar product from China. This one to be exact >>

I got 6 packs for about $6 CDN including shipping and handling. Before you judge me for being cheap, remember that they copy many products and they perform the same way. That being said, the bottom line is that this particular product doesn't work. AT ALL.

The instructions on the site were in a very bad English so I called a Chinese friend to help me with the translation. Funny that even in Chinese the instructions didn't make sense.

So I used one pack. The booties with the product don't come with any plastic so you must wrap your feet in plastic foil. It was a mess. I left them on for 2 hours. Nothing ever happened after that.

After a month with no results, I tried using all the other packs every day, leaving them on for 2 hours. Still nothing ever happened.

I believe the main problem is that the booties come soaked in the product but as they dry wrapped in plastic foil, there is no new product to keep in contact with the skin. Therefore the amount of acid is minimal compared to a plastic bootie that contains extra acid that is constantly in touch with the skin.

I was very sad this didn't work. I keep testing other brands looking for the holy grail of lazy pedis.