I must admit I was pissed off.

Someone from my country asked me about the job market in Canada. I am not an expert in Canadian economy so I replied about the situation in Calgary, and, since this person has asked about Toronto and Vancouver, I only mentioned that my understanding was that they were worse than in here.

The person wrote back completely dismissing my suggestions saying she was looking for a more cosmopolitan city, not a little town like Calgary.

So why would she ask for advice if she is not willing to listen?

Then she asked me how to find a job in Canada

What do you think are the chances that I will continue answering to her questions?

You're right: ZERO.

I behaved in my most Canadian style and wished her luck and that I was sorry I couldn't help her with the search of a job in a cosmopolitan city.

After that, she kept asking me how to get a work visa to come to Canada. OK, I guess she didn't take the hint.

When you want people to help you, or ask you out, paying attention makes all the difference. Listening, asking relevant questions, sharing relevant information, makes the other person feel valuable. In return, they will do as you say.

Figure out how you reply to people. It could be the difference you were looking for.