For me, there are two kinds of travel:


I don't do cruises so I don't add it here.

So, for both kinds of travel, the dress code may or may not be the same depending on certain circumstances.
Travel in Style

Traveling is disruptive on it's own nature. As much as I love to travel, it means that I have to move my routine (and by that I mean my creams) outside of the house. With air security restrictions, it means having the mini version to use while on the plane and the rest in your checked baggage.

Road trips are be more comfortable in that regard but they also might mean long hours seating in the same place, just like with air travel.

So what do I wear to be comfortable and yet elegant (or at least put together)?

In all my years of travel adventures, from backpacking to luxury, I have tested pretty much everything and came up with interesting ways of defeating the long hours of intercontinental travel.

Unfortunately celebrities have never been a source of inspiration because they travel first class... and I don't. They have people carrying their luggage... and I don't

What I will do here is divide travelling in 2 posts to address each travel style as much in depth as I can.

Buckle up, sit back and relax