During the October long weekend we went to visit relatives in Okanagan Lake. Therefore I had the opportunity to check how other women dress while we gassed up.

I will be forever envious of the women who can travel in high heels. While there is no pressurization swelling up my feet inside cars, it does get pretty uncomfortable after a few hours, making it a challenge for me.

During my backpacking days, in my 20s, I wore leggings. I must admit that they are very comfortable, don't wrinkle, dry fast and keep you warm.

Yet leggings are a privilege, not a right, and I don't have that right anymore. So what to do?

During this particular trip I was sporting a long Alfred Sung shirt from Costco (I have worn it so much, it doesn't wrinkle!!) plus some linen pants from back home. While comfortable, these pants not only wrinkle but stretch, making me look pretty sloppy, with my black sneakers.

So I need to improve my road trip style.

Jeans are never my first choice because the heavy fabric wrinkles in my crotch and is very uncomfortable after some hours. One day I will find a light fabric jean again. But today is not that day.

So, black pants are the next best option, as shown in the air travel post.

I keep my views about not traveling with a jacket instead of a sweater. Jackets wrinkle. A sweater you can roll up into a ball and toss into your purse.

So my basic uniform remains the same, I would just add some comfortable ankle booties since feet are not that likely to swollen

About the beauty routine, there is no reason why you can't bring everything AND the sink. That's why I like road trips