We all want to look fabulous when we go to the airport. We want to feel like a celebrity, with our Louis Vuitton luggage, stiletto heels, a gorgeous handbag and great looking hair.

Reality is we can't afford first class, plane seats are small and cramped and your beautiful hard leather bag will not fit under your seat. Add to that trying to lift your carry on (to save on checked baggage) and placing it in the upper bin, all while wearing the stilettos.

So how can we look gorgeous in case we run into a handsome single guy while still being in economy class?

It's one thing to travel a couple hours to, say, Florida. You can (maybe) put on sandals, linen pants, a nice jacket and you're good to go. Or not.

Even going to the tropics, my feet freeze in planes. I envy so much all the women who can go on a plane in skirts, no nylons and sandals. I just can't.

Most of my travels, all my life, have been at least 13 hour, intercontinental flights. Except for one time, all the rest also included being on the opposite season, meaning that the clothes I wear on departure are not useful when I arrive.

Here in Canada we learn to dress in layers. Lots of layers. Specially if you need to walk in Winter or wait for the bus.

Same rule applies to air travel. I use the layers to help me go from Winter to Summer and vice versa.

My basic uniform then is:

  • Comfortable black pants
  • Nice cotton short sleeves t-shirt
  • Good quality real wool sweater
  • Socks
  • Black sneakers

In my carry-on bag: 
  • Duvet jacket rolled in a bag
  • Extra pair of socks (longer socks if I'm going towards Winter)
  • Extra set of underwear
  • If going towards Winter: a coat instead of the light duvet jacket and 2 long sleeve t-shirts
The key are the black pants.

Choose a fabric that doesn't wrinkle, with a touch of Spandex, something you can wear for 24 hours in a row without feeling uncomfortable. I don't wear skinny or tapered at the bottom pants because they don't look good on me and also because they are a lot more forgiving when your body swells due to the cabin being pressurized.

From Canada, I love Ricki's Signature pants. Unfortunately they've been discontinued.

As for in-flight comforts, I recently discovered some dry wipes from Walmart that will remove make up, dirt and whatever else. Sure, you need water to activate them but unlike wet wipes, these are lighter, you can pack only a couple in your carry on, meaning less weight in your purse. 

Samples are always helpful for traveling so in my carry on I stick to eye cream, moisturizer/hand cream, tear eye drops, perfume (always handy if you're seated next to someone smelly or if you got the smelly toilet), hand sanitizer. Samples are lighter than travel sizes.

I haven't done week-long or longer trips without checking a bag.

The only time I didn't check a bag (domestic flight) I included the following in my beauty bag:
  • sunscreen
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer in a small container
  • dry wipes
  • body cream (to be used also on hands)
  • conditioner (my hubby had the shampoo)
  • body wash (just in case)
Since I went to the airport directly from the office and it was a casual Friday, I was wearing my classic black pants with Spandex that were comfortable enough for the 4-hour drive from the airport to my destination.

Wear a hair style that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. If you need to sleep on the plane, you can't be carrying a curler or an iron. Do carry a travel size of your favorite hair spray if you need it.

So there you have. There is a way to be elegant and be comfortable for long haul trips. Feel free to accesorize in your most complimenting colors. Sit back and enjoy.