Don't you just hate it when life gets in your way? When you have carefully drafted plans and they go down the drain in one second?

That's what today has been like for me.

On my first day of my very long awaited Winter vacations I wanted to do very mundane things such as cleaning the bathroom and then go volunteer as the excuse to go gossip with a friend. I was going to come back around 4pm, read a bit, polish some blog posts I wrote some time ago and then rest. Tomorrow I would had rest some more, downloaded a ton of posts I have been writing in my head and rested some more.

Instead of that I received a desperate call for a 3-hour emergency interpretation. No gossiping with my friend, no resting, no writing. The 3 hour interpretation took 5 hours after the fact that I had to get to the place and come back. I ended up having lunch at 3pm. Then I still cleaned the bathroom. And the rest of the day passed by doing chores. My only break was watching my recording of today's show of Steven and Chris.

Meanwhile I keep writing blog posts in my head, writing mind reviews of products I use, taking imaginary photos to upload to Instagram and Twitter.

I think my problem is that I need to sleep 8 hours.  

A Korean friend of mine the other day was telling me that when she was younger she read that the body only needs 4 hours of sleep each day. She took that to heart overworking and overloading herself with tons of activities, sleeping only 4 hours a day. It worked, she said, as she was super productive and she made a ton of money. However, now she regrets it. She sees the wrinkles on her face and wonders if she would have them if she had slept a bit more, if she hadn't overload herself.

But I wonder myself... could I train myself to sleep less and be more productive during the day? And the biggest question of all:

Does it really matter at the end of your life?