Nothing is as off putting as removing your nylons for a sexy night and rubbing your rough, dry feet against the leg of a hunk.

I always had very dry feet albeit not the kind to crackle and bleed.

Coming to Calgary posed the extra burden of being in dry weather year round. So what to do about my very rough feet skin?

I tried every cream under the sun. Expensive and cheap, none really worked.

Getting a pedicure every month never worked for my lifestyle, especially in Winter (any kind of Winter) as my nails never dry fast even with the fast dry oils and I need to come back home in flip flops. Which is not an option in Calgary when it's -30°C.

I tried pumices, scrubs, files, the Pedi-egg, even the callous shavers. The shavers work when followed by a pumice but they really don't give you the best look, and it always happened that I took out too much skin and later had problems walking.

The 100% shea butter worked too but I am not one to remember to put it on every night. Applying coconut oil and wrapping my feet in film wasn't just awkward, it was useless.

For years I coveted the Micro-pedi. It's not sold in my country and here in Canada it was super expensive. Until I saw it in Costco for $ 29.90

I love it! You have to use it consistently but it does take away the excess dry skin like the shaver while giving feet the smooth finishing of the pumice. The first couple times it might take you a while to go through all the dead skin but it becomes a lot better with each use.

Next I will be trying the Baby Foot. Not sure how to get it in Canada so maybe I'll just get the Chinese version, which is also a lot cheaper.

Meanwhile, just using the Micro-pedi and giving myself an old fashioned pedi is helping me navigate through the rough Winter.