Back in March I was asking myself if beauty oils are worth the hype or not. That's a post where you will find my experiments with oils during the dry Calgary Winter. Since they didn't work much at that point, I wondered if they would work better in less harsh weather.

Yves Rocher Beautifying Dry Oil
I got myself the Yves Rocher Beautifying Dry Oil and tested it out during the Summer and Fall.

As you can see in the image, I used the whole of it. I really wanted to see if there was any difference in my skin compared to a regular body lotion.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice any difference.

The aroma is nice, the texture is divine and it really is dry so you won't get stain marks in your clothes (disclaimer: I shower at night). Yet compared to a regular body cream, this is no more or less moisturizing during Summer and Fall.

Mind you, even body butters don't work too well in -30°C and dry, but this oil definitely will do nothing to my dry Winter skin if I were to use it as my sole body moisturizer..

I did give it a very good try and used it all as I love this brand. Would I repurchase it? Not at all. A regular drugstore body cream is cheaper and provides the same (in Summer and Fall) or better (in Winter) moisturizing than this oil.

Go for it if you leave in a more forgiving weather. If you're in Alberta, stick to a cream.