It's been about over 2 months since I stopped dying my hair and let and let my natural grey hair looks.

Since I've been away from Calgary in the last couple months, it has been interesting to record the different reactions in different countries and back in Canada, different nationalities.

Something you need to be very aware of when you let your grey hair grow is that you will receive a ton of criticism, especially from loved ones. Even in politically correct Canada, you will be told about how to improve your looks now that you look "disheveled", "sloppy" and whatever other word they come up to describe you (those are the ones I was told here in Calgary so far).

The most important support you need to get is the one from your partner. If you don't have that one, don't even attempt to do this.

Then, grow a thick skin because it's guaranteed you will get nasty comments. At home I was told I looked like an old drag queen out of circuit. Lovely.

There are things you can try if the world gets too nasty at you. These are the ones I am trying right now:

1) Cut your hair: get a very nice and trendy hairstyle. Yes, it takes longer to style. Yes, you will spend money in tools and products. Since you do look sloppier, it pays to look sharp. Don't do the dyke haircut please, if you must, do a pixie like this

2) Roux Fanci-Full toner: Back home I got the liquid and it worked wonders. Here in Calgary I used the remaining of that liquid and it didn't work. So I got the mousse and it didn't work either. Not sure why yet.

3)  Be super sharp, super elegant, with good make up on, all the time: I'm currently testing this one. The question is:

If I look better than average, if I look better than everyone else in the room, will people still take the time to get nasty about my hair?