This is my fist Winter in Calgary. Dry skin doesn't even start to describe me.

Used to humid weather, year round, I discovered the humidity actually made me look at least 5 years younger. I lost that edge too when I moved here. I used to look a lot younger for my age. Now I look wrinkled.

So I jumped into the oils bandwagon because the creams I was using didn't do anything in a dry -25C weather. Here are my conclusions so far:


I started out with coconut oil as it was the easiest to find. All of this was an experiment so I didn't bother to get the fancy stuff from health food stores. I got the big 2kg pot form Costco.

Coconut oil comes from the tropics so it's in liquid form in their lovely temperatures of say 25C. Here in Calgary is rock solid even in the hottest Summer day with makes it a nightmare to use.

Every time you need or want to use it you have to melt it, meaning you need to plan when and how you will be using it. This is not for the ones with a rushed life.

As a moisturizer: didn't do anything to me in cold weather. I felt my skin drier after the oil sets and dries on my skin. Used alone it doesn't moisturize my skin at all except in Summer when I used it in my body, not my face.

As an oil for very dry feet: I read I had to put on the oil, wrap my feet in plastic foil and keep it overnight. Apart from my husband making fun of me (with a reason), it didn't work better than your standard foot butter (which I don't like either).

As a hair mask: I didn't even try it because

  1. It strips off hair color (mine is colored)
  2. You have to leave it overnight, wearing a shower cap. No freaking way I'm doing that to give my hubby more reasons to make fun of me.
As in a body sugar scrub: it works! Works wonders when your skin is super mega dry. The rest of the time, use it and then shower as usual as it gets very greasy. Good luck cleaning the shower tho, it will be GREASY. My 14-year old stepdaughter with flaky skin is in love with it.

As a make up remover: it works! Be careful with the quantity you use as it gets, you guessed it, greasy and it's a pain to get rid of. It does work with waterproof mascara but you need to let the oil break it up, meaning, leave the cotton pad on your eye for a while before scrubbing off the make up.


I didn't buy the expensive Sephora kind, found one at a discount retailer. Argan, luckily, doesn't solidify in Calgary temperatures, no need to melt it. This one is for those on the rush.

As a moisturizer: didn't work either. Leaves my skin very greasy and doesn't feel moisturized at all. Funny that I saw on TV that you don't need to put undereye creams if you use argan oil... yeah right! Maybe in Morocco you don't need it, here in Calgary you better apply one every 4 hours or risk being told you're older than you are. Back to the skin, I still need to apply a layer of normal cream. However, it does appear to potentiate my cream and I like the results of using both things at the same time. For some reason, the oil does get absorbed by the skin when I apply cream after the oil.

As a hair moisturizer: the holy grail of uses for argan oil, I didn't try it yet. My hair ends were split so I just cut my hair and I'm using a normal hair mask.

What I did with my dry feet:

Since nothing seemed to be working, I applied 100% shea butter cream. It worked for me!

I'll update this post as I experiment with other oils. It looks like other women using these natural oils live in more forgiving places than Calgary and are younger than me. So far, there is no wonder product for the busy woman on the go.