Today it's Thanksgiving Day in the US and in my household. Canadian Thanksgiving seems like a fake to me. I still have to find ONE Canadian who can tell me what they celebrate on Thanksgiving Day and WHY it's celebrated in October. But I disgress...

I'm a vegetarian :D

When you're all alone, feeling miserable, crying while hugging your cat, when loneliness is overwhelming, can you be grateful?

Yes you can.

You can be certain that you have tons of blessings showering you every single minute of your life. In my faith we say you can't receive more blessings until you start acknowledging the ones you are having right now.

Want to count your blessings? Start here

  • You can read this, meaning you have internet access, electricity, a device, EYES, vision
  • You're most likely keeping that device in your hand, meaning you have MOVING hands, your brain works
  • Most likely you can walk, you can talk, you can hear
  • Somehow, most likely, you have enough to eat, you have a roof above your head
  • If you're alone, it means you're not with an idiot who's using you
  • Keep going
It might seem to you that because you're all alone today, you don't deserve anything and you have nothing to thank. If today you were with someone abusing you, using you, disrespecting you, you would still be alone. Could you be thankful that "at least" you're not alone in that case? No, you can't.

Count your blessings. You have a lot of them. Only then you can open the gates for even more blessings.

Hang in there.