I've been having problems with the radio in Calgary. All stations (and I've tried everything from the Quebecois to country), seem to reproduce the same songs imported from the US, which in themselves sound 20 years delayed. Alas! It's not strange to even listen (often) to actual 80s hits such as Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart (1984). No remixes. The original. On prime time. Really.

I hope that as I keep exploring, maybe during weekends at night, I might be able to find something better to listen to.

Last night I was listening to the only show I found so far that actually has different music. Newer. Not as much grinding machine pop songs. It's The Signal on CBC2. Yesterday's show (Oct 17, 2013) was particularly good with music chosen by listeners. You can download podcasts here. If you can, check out the whole play log for yesterday's show, it's really good.

The first song was The Beauty Surrounds by Houses

My first thought was that these kids listen to a lot of Coldplay. And also to a lot of Sígur Ros

Which leads me to wonder. Is creativity dead? Is it only less known bands doing this?

Consider Depeche Mode.

The chorus sounds a lot like Siouxsie

And the background base for both sounds a lot like Spirit in the Sky

We all get inspired by other people, yet, where do you draw the line? Are we all getting old, drained, both?

Where can I find more cool and new Canadian music such as Grimes?

In Vancouver and Toronto, not Calgary. I know.

Meanwhile, I can only keep on listening to the internet and The Signal. That beats country songs about how you lost your dog.