I'm just starting my new life as an expat new bride in Canada. It's all very weird.

Long distance relationships are awful. They work better when you are not that much into the other person but when you are, they suck. For my husband and me it has been really bad being apart.

We got married in April 2013 in Canada. The original plan was to visit often, keep both our jobs in each other's country and wait until the Canadian government made a decision about us. That could take over a year.

Upon returning home, our newlywed bliss vanished fast via Skype. Much faster than I expected. We really had to start our life together or we would not make it past the 6-month mark. So we devised a plan B.

To make a very stressful story short, I came to Canada about a month ago on my tourist visa. I can't work, meaning I had to find a way to support myself since my husband has a large child support payment every month and he can't do everything on is pay check. How to pay for my bills at home while not working was the stressful part.

You'll see. I didn't sell anything back home. I still own my house. My stuff is still at home. My cats are still home with my aunt. And I'm living off 2 suitcases (the wonders of traveling business class) plus all the coats my husband fit in his luggage when he came visit me with his children early last month.

So here I am. Trying to make sense to what's going on.

Don't get me wrong: I had been here several times before, it's not that it's my first experience in the country. I just have to adjust my mindset to "you're not going home in 2 weeks".

My passport is stamped for 6 months. The border agent explained upon arrival that there is no need to come and go. We just need to apply for a permit extension in about 4 months and that's it, we can sit and wait for the Canadian Embassies personnel to end the strike and start processing files again.

In hindsight, waiting at home would have been hell. Probably we would be divorced by now. Quitting my job to become a housewife is scarier than I thought, however, it is saving my marriage. And it's not that terrible either.

In long distance relationships you only rely on Skype to work problems out. In person, rows are lighter, shorter and forgotten right away. I can't even think what it must be like for deployed soldiers. I am lucky I already had a tourist visa, that's something a lot of people don't have.

After almost a month here, I am discovering how I can make the most of my expat status. Low cost-high life is the mantra. Finding my own routines again, finding a mindset that works, finding even more friends. All while sharing with you how to find dates, how to be datable and getting an impressive style to set you apart from the competition.

Stay tuned. There is more to come.