I started my serious quest to find my soulmate in late 2008 and I got married in early 2013. I bought so many books, spent so much money in programs, that I became an expert myself. An expert compared to clueless, which is the definition of "expert".

In my journey, some works were better than others. Some were completely stupid. I intend to write reviews for all the books and products I bought as a way to help others in this maze.

Let's face it: singles are a billion dollar industry and everyone wants a share. Including me. I spent a fortune to figure out how to go from clumsy nerd to married-to-a-hottie, so I want some of my money back. How's that for brutal honesty?

I remember this book: Find a Husband After 35: (Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School)  I never finished it as I met my husband while at it. Unfortunately (for the author) I didn't use any of her strategies. This was my favorite for the "inapplicable" category:

Make postcards with your vital statistics. Give them to your mom to give away freely.

Who on this good Earth would be so freaking lame odd? 

The idea is that your mom keeps these postcards with your photo, stats and email/phone details and when she's talking to some other woman who comments having an available son, give one to her to pass on to her son.

How clever! If I am that guy, why would I call that lame odd woman on a postcard? If she's hot, what's wrong with her if she has to do that? If she's not hot and used a ton of Photoshop, what else is wrong with her?

Apart from giving them to your mom, you are supposed to use them as you use business cards. And supposedly this advice "works" in New York City... really? In the most bullying, skeptic and mean city in the world? Really?

How desperate you have to be to make a postcard and promote yourself? The answer is: very.

Despite having been desperate and depressed during the periods when you can't get dates, resorting to something like this puts a LOSER sign in your forehead. Do you really need that?

Being in a dating desert is bad, really bad. Sometimes there are no dates no matter how much you work for them. You're better off doing some introversion and soul searching than doing stuff you will later regret.

Again, there are all sorts of advice out there. Separating the wheat from the chaff was hard and expensive. Wish someone had curated all of that for me... If that's also your wish, then keep an eye on these upcoming reviews.