The holy grail question for every woman looking for datable guys is "Where should I go?" Most likely, if you're asking this, it surely is because you're in a space full of women.

One of those spaces is your yoga class. Or your pilates class. Full-of-women. Of course you can find the isolate guy who truly wants to connect with his soul... however, pansy soft spiritual guys like those tend to be, well, too soft or gay or both. It's a lovely kind of friend, yet not very useful to fix your plumbing.

You still have to work out, as in get fit (that is a given since men ARE visual) so why not use this time to go somewhere where you'll be more appreciated, there are hetero guys and you can do some market research?

If you think that place doesn't exist, let me introduce you to the iron room. Or whatever it's called where the guys pump iron at your gym.

Before you yuck at me, you must know that by pumping iron yourself you'll:
  • Not get as big as them. Never. Ever. Your feminine hormones will make sure you won't get big. You're not built like a man. Unless you take hormones and steroids and you don't want to do that.
  • Get leaner faster. Do it the right way and you'll get a body no pilates will ever give you. Think fitness model.
  • Be in demand. You're likely to be one of the very few (or only one) in the room. Avoid the cardio machines. Trust me.
Now that you know why you must go to the iron room in your gym, I'll tell you how to work it.
  • Do get a trainer, or training videos, to find an adequate routine like this one (not an affiliate)
  • With that information, do your training
  • Say hello to whoever is in the room. Eventually everybody will get friendlier and you'll be able to befriend people, both men and women (if there is some other woman there)
  • This is your goal: to be the gym girl friend of those guys. They will start talking to you, follow their lead. It doesn't matter if they're single, married or in a relationship: they have single friends they can set you up with. They can picture you naked from your gym clothes so they can classify you as hot or not with their friends
  • Ask tons of questions to figure out lifestyles, places they frequent with single friends, on what days, etc.
  • Learn how they think about women, specially the kind of guy you're interested in
  • Invest in this strategy at least 3 months. If they're all old guys or way too young in all your available time slots, go somewhere else and start again
  • Be serious about your workout routine. It will pay off even if you change gyms
Men are visual and they love hot bodies. There's no point arguing that. They have to like you physically. No, you don't have to look like a model although it helps. Being in shape gives you options, the power to choose. Use it in your favor.

Since you have to work out because you have to stay hot and healthy, why not using that time to make it work double duty? Get hot AND figure out what hot guys want. Then decide your next step.

Let me know what you think about this strategy and how can you apply it to your life.