Is the grass always greener on the other side? Some people say that indeed it is... until you get there and realize it's actually Astroturf.

Check the conversations below, see if they sound familiar:

"... because in Europe all the men I met were interesting, educated and could talk about anything..."
"...because in Latin America all the men are gentlemen and make you feel like a real woman..."
"...and here in [fill in the blank with your city name] all single guys are plain, only talk about sports and have awful manners."

Do you think like that? That if you only lived in Italy, France, Colombia, Turkey, wherever, your love life could improve so much?

Just imagine that you could actually be talking to this handsome, interesting, sexy guy while at an outdoor café, sipping a cocktail, dressed wonderful, perfect sunset weather...

Because ALL guys in those places are JUST like this cute 20 year old sitting next to you in a train from Florence to Milan, right?

Somehow we tend to think that in his 40s he's still going to be cute, interesting and blah blah blah. Alas! His dad (who must be single again by now) has to be just this good as well.

Whenever I hear comments like the ones above, I can't help laughing. Even if I married a foreigner myself. I used to be that much naive think that way too! I was 19 and I was backpacking in Norway (from Argentina, go figure) when I started meeting real locals. Not young travel-keen backpackers at hostels (who are a breed in itself). No, real men; a quest spanning more than 20 years and many western countries.

In these 20 years of intense traveling I found that for every interesting, never single or commitment phobic, handsome banker (who are as egocentric as the character in American Psycho), there were at least 10 regular guys. And what do regular guys do?

Drink beer, watch sports and at the most, read Maxim or the like. All over the western world.

So, What Can You Do Then?

Instead of focusing on the unttainable European banker (who dates an European supermodel, not a real woman like us), focus on going to the places where you think someone interesting would go.

You like art? Take classes, visit museums, find discussion groups.

Same with cinema, finances, cats/dogs, or whatever your interest is (try to pick something a guy could pick, not crochet). Do it in your city and everywhere you go. Make friends in those circles (people have more friends, you know, and birds of  a feather...), join them in their outings.

I had tremendous luck meeting different people and making friends through ex-pats groups in Meetup and InterNations. Hell, if you fancy foreigners you don't even have to leave home! Go to an ex-pats meeting! They tend to be misfits in their own countries not fitting in their own culture. They also tend to be more interesting than your regular boring guy. Give that a try.

As far as that first quote above, my husband heard that from his female friends in his city. He is an interesting guy, fun and attractive. Sure, I had to go to the other side of the world to find him, but they had him seating right in front of them.

Could it be we are blind to the good guys in front of us?

PS: And about the cute Latin Americans who make you feel like a woman, they do that to you and to 10 women more, all at the same time. I know, I'm from there. Beware.