Despite the media message that you should kill yourself for being such a loser that you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, there is a lot more to do than planning on chewing 4 boxes of antidepressants. Here are some positive suggestions to survive the day.

Don't fall for a date with a psycho in your desperation
Where I am from, nobody gives a damn about V-day. It’s just another day. Retail owners are trying hard to push it into the culture but truth is it’s no big deal not having a date, not getting gifts and nobody gets depressed. We have a much important day called “Friend’s day” on July 20 where we give gifts to friends, go out, restaurants and bars are filled and the whole week you’re meeting all your groups of friends. It’s a much more inclusive day. Everybody has friends, even if it's only one. 

However, that’s not the case in North America.

So, what do you do if you don’t have a date? 

If it’s REALLY important for you to have a warm body nearby try these:

  • Ask a person (anyone: another single friend, a co worker, your grandma, etc) to have dinner with you at home. Plan it as a real date (minus the lingerie), cook or order in. Have wine/champagne. Enjoy the company
  • Ask a person (as mentioned above) to go out with you. Try a bar. You won’t see many real couples in a bar on V-day. Enjoy knowing there’s more people like you.
  • Go away. If you can get the day off, go hide somewhere where they don’t know about V-day (anywhere is South America is great. Plus you run away from the cold) and party like crazy.
  • Grab a friend with benefits and pretend. Be wise and remember this is like Cinderella and the spell is broken at midnight: it never happened. Blame it on the wine.

DON’T do this:

  • Go to restaurants
  • Go to shopping malls
  • Go to the movies
  • Watch romantic movies
  • Watch TV

If it’s NOT that important for you to have a warm HUMAN body nearby try these:

  • Grab your pet and give it a really good dinner
  • Watch documentaries or reality shows
  • Watch movies with aliens
  • Just hide from the rest of the world. It’s only one day.

Alternatively, it’s a good day to look for potential dates for other days on online sites. If someone is online that day, it’s guaranteed that he’s not seeing anyone else. It’s also a perfect day, if you’re hiding, to catch up on reading, on having a facial at home, of getting a warm luxurious bath, of loving yourself (if you know what I mean ;) ). If you haven’t had action in some time, go online and buy yourself something to stimulate you. You will have a glow after using it and guys pick up on that. It works. Trust me.

GLAM’S DATING TIP: Guys have a radar for desperation and being boring. Use the day to chat with as many guys as you can online (to keep you entertained) and to do anything you’re passionate about. They hate airheads after they’ve taken you to bed.

HIGHLIGHTS: You can still have a good time as long as your focus is not on how miserable you are. Make an effort.

WTFs: Forget the chocolates, they make you fat anyway.