The awful truth is that I sucked at dating. I thought I wasn’t bad looking. I thought I was edgy. I thought I was smart. I definitely was independent. I thought that’s what a guy whould want in a woman.

Then why in hell NOBODY was asking me out on dates? Why did I had to resort to online sites to get some sort of attention?

The answer was that I was not what a guy wanted. I was what I wanted a guy to be to be my boyfriend. Problem was, that guy didn’t want me as a girlfriend. It was a tough truth to accept: I knew the kind of man I wanted, but that man didn’t want me.

So what did that man want? Airheads? Bimbos? Idiots? I needed to do some serious market research and I had no idea where to start. Hell! I didn’t even knew men who I could ask!

Eventually and after tons of heartaches I run into Cherry Norris. She’s a dating coach. I also laughed at that when I first heard there was something as a “dating coach”. I was smarter than that, right? I was so wrong.

That was the start of my road to recovery. It wasn’t easy but I eventually cracked the code. Yes, I needed a lot of help (I don’t laugh at dating coaches anymore, I’d be alone with my cats without them instead of engaged to be married).

This is what I did

I started by buying Cherry Norris' home study course. I studied it as if my life depended on it. I started studying everything I could lay my hands on: books, DVDs, courses.

Then I started putting all of that in practice.

Now, that is when people stop. They buy books and stuff, read it, think that’s very nice, close it, and go back to their old habits. I confess I did that at times. Yet mostly I practiced. Slowly I began feeling more confident. Some things I thought were stupid but when nothing else worked, I applied them and… magic!

I used to think I had to be younger (I was in my late 30s), skinnier, better looking…

Reality was I only needed CONFIDENCE.

You’ll see, guys are visual. That’s undeniable. If they don’t like what they see, you have no chance. Here’s where it gets interesting: guys find attractive all kinds of women. There are hot guys who just love bigger women. Others are shallow and go for the fake bimbo looks. Others like skinnier girls. Others like supermodels. And most guys just love any healthy woman. There is a hot guy for every kind of woman out there. The secret is how you present yourself.

As I practiced and started getting results, I also started getting more confident about myself but I still thought I wasn’t totally getting it. I had the “inner” thing aligned, I wasn’t so sure my image was reflecting that.

That’s when I signed up to become an image consultant.  

And the final puzzle clue just fell in place.

When I figured out that EVERY woman can be supper attractive regardless of their shape, when I learnt that the colors you wear either enhance or destroys your complexion, I felt empowered.

Men are visual and that won’t change.

It’s biology. Nothing you can do about that. Yes, they will fall in love even harder than women, but as I said, if they don’t like what they see, they will not approach you.

So, you “lure” them with your visuals, but then you need more “meat” to sustain a relationship.

If you’re just pretty, men will eventually get bored. If you don’t pay attention to your looks, quality men won’t even approach you. And after they do approach you, how you behave will determine if they will just use you for sex or if they will stay to get to know you better.

I cannot teach you confidence. That’s something you develop.

But I can teach you how to be attractive, how to have an attractive life, one that men will say “Hey, I really have to know her better”

That’s my hope for this space: that you feel great about yourself inside and out, because, in the end, you are the one you will be with for the rest of your life. When you feel great, that’s the biggest attractor factor of all.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.