What I truly hated while I was relationship clueless was that most advice was B.S.

It was either too woo hoo, too girly, too focused on really young girls, too PMS-y or just plain stupid.

I had to sort through tons of rubbish to find the real gems that actually helped me change myself, find dates, get a great boyfriend and be engaged.

Because let’s face it: you might think you’re wonderful the way you are (inside and out) but if you’re not getting results (that is, dates and a great boyfriend), definitely there is something wrong with you and you must find out what that is if you actually want to have a boyfriend.

The raw truth is that you will not change anything about yourself (as in really change) until you hit rock bottom. Change starts when you’re sick tired of being sick tired and suddenly change starts being more attractive than staying as you are.

This blog exists because I can’t be that unique. I have friends who are just like me and need this advice. There must be other women like me out there. I wish I had found my blog 5 years ago when I was crying out of loneliness.

I want to tell you what worked for me, hoping you will reach out for it, use it and help yourself. I don’t want to give you fluffy, hypey B.S. There’s a lot of that already. I want to tell you what worked, what didn’t and why. But most of all, I want to drill in your head that until you change inside, you will not see change outside. Results won’t be consistent until you’re ready to do whatever it takes to master the dating game. I’m afraid that half hearted tries will do you no good. I know where you’re coming from so I know you think you can outsmart the rest of us. Wrong. That’s why you’re still single and sad.

You can be satisfied and happy, but you’ll need to leave your confort zone of work, business and smart ass behaviour to do it.

Join me in the ride, the road is not that bumpy and a lot easier than you think.