While you are looking for a boyfriend (and also when you got one) it is important that you don’t let yourself go in your physical aspect. Why? Because as I always say, men are visual.

This doesn’t mean you have to be obsessed over applying the most expensive creams or painting your face with make up.

That said, and keeping in mind we all get old, the idea is to get ready to age gracefully. If you take care of your skin at 20, you will look gorgeous at 40.

People more often than not tell me I don’t look my age (I’m 42) but this is something I worked on my whole life. I do have wrinkles and I have lost my youthful appearance. I don’t look 20, but I don’t look 40 either. This can change when I finally move as the weather is so dry in Calgary so I guess it’s a matter of talking to my dermatologist, my cosmetologist and keeping a routine.

What do I do today? 

I shower at night so I start the day cleaning my face with an Avon cucumber facewash (yes Avon’s, doesn’t irritate my skin) from their most basic line using my Olay Pro-X Face Brush. I then apply L’Occitane Immortelle undereye cream on my lower lids and I follow with a light moisturizer in Summer or a heavier one in Winter. Over that goes an SPF 50. Then the make up.

At night, before showering I remove all make up carefully. I use Avon’s Gentle Eye Make Up Remover as it doesn’t irritate my eyes and a cold cream. I remove my face make up with a damp cloth. I shower and I apply the under eye cream in the whole eye area, a serum or an anti age cream and a night cream. Right now I’m using Bio-oil instead. I only use this if I’m alone as my skin gets greasy for quite some time. It moisturizes my skin nicely in Summer but even being quite heavy for me, in Winter (even Buenos Aires Winter) it is not enough.

I am testing products each time I go to Calgary as the weather is pretty different from my home town. I have never been there in Winter, which is freaking me out actually, but I guess it won't be so dramatic (I'm talking about my face routine). So far wearing only my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream  as a moisturizer hasn't worked.

Also, I get regular monthly facials including microdermoabrasion. I never had a peeling done. My dermatologist also prescribes some medicated creams with Retin-A for Winter use.

I don't know of a good derma or a cosmetologist in Calgary yet so that's a pending issue.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: There's genetics and there's what you do with it. Help whatever complexion you have with a beauty routine. remember that being "pretty" in your terms gives you OPTIONS.

HIGHLIGHTS: You don't have to get the most expensive stuff to work on your face. Experiment, test and find what works for you, regardless of what people say you should use.

WTFs: Did you know that most expensive brands compare to the cheapest? Read this book Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and then decide.