How does it feel to touch you? Both girls and guys could use a little help in this department.

One of the first things my boyfriend liked to do with me was holding my hand. Apart from being super romantic, it was because he says my hands are really soft. To me and my kin that is not that unusual, but then, I don’t hold women’s hands on a regular basis. And my previous boyfriends were all white collar and they don’t tend to have rough hands. So I really had no idea what he was talking about.

Don’t all women have soft hands?

Seems no. Neither do guys (my guy uses Lubriderm, but seems to need like a gallon a day).

Maybe because I come from horrid humid weather, with a permanent 93% humidity index (lots of days much more) my skin is more hydrated. Calgary is in the desert so people’s skins tend to be drier (DUH!)

In any case, and because it’s cheaper abroad that in my own country, I went to one of L’Occitane shops to get my Hand Cream.

The truth is I buy every handcream under the sun because my skin is super dry and since I drink 2 liters of water a day, I have to wash my hands in washrooms without creamy soap many times a day. I test every cream there is. To this day, the best one has been an Eucerin I got in Germany. Unfortunately, the same formula is not available anywhere else or they change the formula according to countries or something like that because the same cream bought in a New York durugstore did NOT gave the same results.

Second option that seems to be the same formula wherever I go is L’Occitane’s Shea Hand Cream (their Shea foot Cream is AMAZING)

I found the branch at The Core. Got my cream and the assistant, a super cool Chilean guy, asked me if I was a VIP at the store. AWESOME! They don’t have that in Argentina! Pity I don’t live in Calgary. That’s why I’ve no idea what being a VIP at that store means.

He showed me this cool hands scrub (One Minute Hand Scrub), a heavy metal mix of sugar and almond oil that was delicious. I got a demonstration and hey, they don’t have that one in Buenos Aires so I bought it. My hands felt super soft for hours thanks to that almond oil.

Don't all scrubs do the same mechanical thing, that is, to exfoliate? Yes and no.

Yes they do exfoliate, but not everything is the same. While your typical St. Ives Apricot Scrub can do the job, the beauty of this particular scrub is that is all sugar and oil. The oil ends up moisturizing your skin in a way a cream can never do. When you wash your hands and take out the sugar granules and the oil, your hands remain soft and smooth. I had tried the Ocean Salt by Lush  and it’s good but I like the oil in L’Occitane’s better.

I also tried this scrub on my heavy-duty boyfriend’s hands. Like, if this works on him, it works on everyone, especially me. He loved it. He applied his regular Lubriderm afterwards and the skin was moisture soaked.

I still prefer my Shea Hand Cream for my hands. He tried my Lavender one and didn’t do much for him. He didn’t tried the rest of my collection (yet) as his patience has a limit.

For night time and as a special treatment, I do like Lush’s Lemony Flutter that you can also use on any rough patch in your body, not just cuticles. It’s heavy so apply at night.

GLAM’S DATING TIP: Hands are always very visible. Even in Winter you will have to remove your gloves at some point. Hands are a person’t presentation card. Soft hands are always a high seller in the attraction process. Skip the fancy artificial nails, go for the natural look. It doesn’t take too long of your time and makes a big difference. Just create a memorable good impression when that special someone holds your hands and says “Wow, your hands are SO SOFT”

Soft skin
Lasts for some hours
Good use/money ratio

I don’t find any, except maybe for price. At $24 per jar, it’s not cheap.


L’OCCITANE - Eatons Calgary
Calgary Eaton Centre – the Core Unit 230
751 3rd Street SW
T2P 4K8 Calgary