The DailyMail recently run a piece about a survey conducted by a travel agency in UK among single people between 30 to 50-year-olds came up with some interesting conclusions.

What they really want to come home with from a vacation is: 
  1. Love
  2. Tan
  3. New friendships
  4. A sexual fling
  5. Less stress
  6. New sporting activity
  7. Tried new foods
  8. New Facebook profile picture
  9. Cultural experience
  10. New language
This is my take on this.


I’ve been a single woman travelling on my own for over 20 years, and I can say with expert status that the goal of finding love when you travel alone is a complete waste of money. If you are traveling with friends the equation can change dramatically provided they want to go out and do the same activities you would do at home to meet people.

It is a fact that when you’re on your own you’re more likely to strike into conversations with locals more easily than if you were with someone else for the sole reason that at some point you need to talk to someone or you'd go insane. Yet the dream of turning an casual encounter into love is a lot more remote.

In my 20s it was easier, in my 30s not so much, in my early 40s all I want is have a good time. And I would not go on a tour.


Well, this survey was conducted among British so I guess all they want is sun. Not me, I run away. It’s enough to live exactly under the ozone hole with a skin cancer threat over my head every single day.

New friendships:

Now this is super realistic and feasible. Making new friends made at the hotel, the tour (yuck!), and the local Starbucks or whatever is a win win for all involved. You get to spend time with new people, see how the locals live and at least have someone to hung out with if you ever want to go back. Plus, locals always know places that guides don’t ever hear of.

A sexual fling:

Oh well, feasible as well. Let’s not be hypocrites here, we’re all adults. It’s all right as long as you know it’s just a fling. Vacations, Summer, heat, beach are all conductive to it.

However, if you’re in your 50s and a young stud in his late 20s is flirting with you, showering you with compliments, dear, just enjoy it and beware of all else: 9.9 out of 10 times the stud only wants your money and an easy ticket out of wherever you’re vacationing. I know you know that… yet I’ve seen grown women close to me think it was real because they look gorgeous (yeah right to both premises)

Less stress:

Totally attainable as long as you are not running marathons from one place to the other and you take the time to enjoy the art of doing nothing.

New sporting activity:

I have gone to Iceland from Argentina for only 5 days just to hike another glacier. So yeah, why not.

Tried new foods:

Speaking about Iceland, I tried skyr there. Totally hooked on it. They have the best-donuts-ever (I only eat the chocolate glazed ones). Couldn’t try the rotten shark meat (hákarl) as I refused to have it for breakfast. I did try mämmi in Finland… so yeah, this is a good one. But it goes back to the “new friendships” item: I would have never tried that ugly stuff if it hadn’t been for my friend Tiina.

Yes! I ate mammi!

However, I will always remember those British vacations in the Shirley Valentine movie.

New facebook profile picture:

This one is so shallow it doesn’t deserve a comment. Actually it does: if that’s why you go on a vacation, girl, get a life.

Cultural experience:

Just as trying  new foods, not everybody loves to learn about cultural differences. Maybe that’s why getting a tan is more important than culture. The state of the world perhaps?

New language:

Unless you want to immerse yourself for months, there’s no way you can come back home with more than a few words in a new language. Stuff like “hi” and “thank you” is enough, but to me it doesn’t count as “learning a new language”. Maybe people are fantasizing about the Eat, Pray, Love thing they read ages ago? Will having a S&M fling be on top of the list in years to come because women are reading 50 Shades?

At least people are reading…