Can you really look glam and confident even when, deep inside, you feel like a loser?

As a matter of fact, you can. What's more, if you really get into this, you will feel glam which is even more important.

Alas! I still remember the days when I "looked" like I was a winner but since I knew I was a loser, my energy would be so twisted that everyone and their cousin could sense I was a fake. Thank God those days are over.

Here's what you get to be glam:

1.- Perfume

Instant mood maker. Pick the right fragrance to feel like an energized girl (citrus), as a mysterious lady (musk, wood, oriental smells) or whatever your heart desires. Pick up the mood of the scent, figure out what it evokes in you, and then spritz like there's no tomorrow.

Get a small bottle or ask for samples to carry with you in your outings. Spray whenever you feel your confidence goes down.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: Men can't smell as much as we women do, something to do with biology. So don't worry about over perfuming, guys can't smell you if you go subtle.

2.- Good fitting clothes

Regardless of fashion, what you need are clothes that flatter whatever figure you have. Forget what magazines tell you to wear. Get hip, modern clothes that enhance your best features and hide flaws. Did you know that even models need this kind of "features enhancement"? Nobody is perfect, use clothes on your advantage and look gorgeous efortlessly 24/7 by having only what looks great on you in your closet.

GLAM'S TIP: Find someone to fit your clothes. It's a sound investment. It's rare that something you pick off the rack will fit perfectly like that.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: Guys looking for a relationship don't like the sex workers uniform (that's how we all identify them, they wear a uniform). Show some skin, "some" being the operative word. Cleavage always work to draw attention. Get a push up bra if you need help in that area.

3.- Attitude

No, I don't mean being a bitch or an ice queen (or worse, a drama queen). It means getting in the mood to have a good time and make the best of whatever situation you're in.

Enjoying yourself is the best attractant. In a world full of ice queens checking their phones, someone having a genuine good time stands out. That's how ou outsmart younger and better looking. Trust me on that one.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: Smile! Make eye contact! Nobody is doing that these days. Use it in your favor, it works!

4.- Rest

There is no way in hell that you'll be glamorous if you're tired and grumpy. Get enough sleep, work less (are you going for the employee of the month award?), get centered, enjoy a healthy meal, look after your health.

Being a workaholic takes time away from real life and everything that truly matters: health, friendships, family, love. What's worth a lot of money if there's nobody to enjoy it with or if you're at the hospital?

Get a grip, work and be responsible but also make time for what's important in your life.

That will show in your face and you will look approachable. Who wants to be near a grumpy, sleep deprived, workaholic freak? Not even another freak.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: Wasn't I clear enough? If all you do is work, you have no time to look nice nor to go out. If by chance you meet someone, how long do you think he'll be around when you can only say "I'm busy"?

5.- Interests

There's nothing more boring than a woman who can't talk about anything but the petty stuff in her job or what they'll get next at the shopping mall.

Find something else to talk about. Even if your only interest is fashion, find a way to make it interesting. Talk about the business of fashion, how many jobs it creates, how it moves the economy. Remember this video? (I'm sure you saw the movie):

Take it as an example that whatever "trivial" interest you have, in the right context, it can get interesting. YOU can make it interesting.

Please find a passion. It will show that you're not just an airhaed. Airheads are overrated. And they don't last beyond a couple sexual encounters.

GLAM'S DATING TIP: Guys look for airheards because they're easily manipulated into having sex. If you only want sex, no need for anyone to manipulate you, go get it and enjoy it. If, on the other hand, you want a relationship, being interesting will help you last longer than any candy. Just go ask any of your married friends.