How many times did you reach for that bucket of supermarket whatever called icecream? Not me, as normally you can only find icecream in my freezer in Summer. BUT, I know many women do.

Did you know there's also something called gelato?

I had no idea there was a difference. I mean, gelato is Italian for icecream. All icecream is icecream.

Better taste, awful taste, industrial, hand made, supermarket bought… all icecream, right? We all know that, RIGHT? Hmmm… not so fast.

In Italy I had what they call gelato. Which translates to icecream where I come from. Delicious in both countries.

Now in Calgary, it seems there is a huge distinction. You have industrial “icecream”. That is the concoction made with unspecified chemicals and artificial stuff. The one I tried was way too sweet for my taste. The names of the flavors were just as artificial as the ingredients. Don’t ask me about that, don’t remember any except for “birthday cake”, whetever birthday cakes taste in Canada. In any case, I don’t expect to be having another “icecream” ever in this country.

And then there is “gelatto” made after the Italian style, at the shop, with more natural ingredients. That’s what my boyfriend explained. And took me to Amato Gelato.

Well, you bet there was a difference. The gelato at Amato is just like the icecream back home, and like the icrecream in Italy. Amato has possibly more flavors than any shop I’ve ever been to either in Argentina or Italy. Yes, some flavors are a bit “artificial” as in Tiramisu, but all in all, it has a great selection of chocolates, creams, and tons of water-based fruit flavors they claim to be made with real fruits.

Photo credit: their website

It was a great surprise to find icecream so good, but then, Amato is a retailer for Mario’s Gelati of Vancouver that seem to be pretty famous over there.

Next heartbreak, go pile on pounds with good icecream at Amato. Raffle your feathers, get pretty and go for icecream. You never know.


3011-130 Sierra Spring Drive, S.E.
Airdrie, AB

2104 # 7 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB

104-255 28th Street, SE
Calgary, AB